Idyll Life proudly introduces Pure Lite™ - a natural no aftertaste zero calorie high-intensity sweetener made up of 99% Rebaudioside A stevia.

Pure Lite™ is extracted from stevia leaves and converted to a purity of more than 99% Rebaudioside A using a non-toxic environmentally friendly proprietary process.
Pure Lite™ is the ideal sweetener to satisfy today's health conscious consumers looking for natural products that taste good and are bottom line healthy and calorie free.
Pure Lite™ Benefits
  100% Natural
  Zero Calorie
  300 Times Sweeter than Sugar
  NO Bitter Aftertaste
  Does not Affect Blood Sugar Levels
  Heat & pH Stable

Looking for Differentiation

Pure Lite™ is the compelling choice for visionary Food & Beverage manufacturers looking for a natural no aftertaste zero calorie sweetener to open up new market opportunities.

With Pure Lite™ , manufacturers can create a new “Sugary & Lite” experience found in no other sweeteners.

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