Pure Lite™ is a natural no aftertaste zero calorie high-intensity sweetener made up of 99% Rebaudioside A (RebA) Stevia. Pure Lite™ is extracted from stevia leaves and converted to a purity of more than 99% RebA using a non-toxic environmentally friendly proprietary process.

Natural : Pure Lite™ is a 100% natural extract.
Idyll Life uses neither toxic solvent nor enzymatic or chemical modification of stevia glycosides to extract Pure Lite™. Manufacturers can be at ease to use this zero calorie natural sweetener for their low-carb, diabetic or sugar-free products without worrying about possible toxic or long term side effects associated with artificial sweeteners.

Taste : Consumers are concerned very much about taste so are we. Pure Lite™ is more than 99% RebA compared with other stevia extracts that contain only
40-80% RebA. This gives a natural sweetener with NO bitter aftertaste common to other stevia extracts since the aftertaste is removed by eliminating Steviosides and other impurities.

Heat Stable : Unlike most other high-intensity sweeteners, Pure Lite™ is heat stable up to 200 degree celsius which is more than appropriate for baking and with processes like pasteurization and sterilization that are at the heart of the Food & Beverage industry.

Pure Lite™ Key Characteristics
99% Rebaudioside A
Around 300 times sweeter than sugar
100% Natural - no enzymatic or chemical modification of the glycosides
Taste - No Bitter Aftertaste
Heat Stable up to 200 degree celsius
pH Stable between pH 2 and 10
No calories
Recommended for diabetics - does not affect blood sugar levels
Does not promote tooth decay
How Did Idyll Life Eliminate the Aftertaste?

In Asia, one of the most popular sweeteners is stevia. It has been widely used in Japan and other parts of Asia for over 40 years. However, although stevia extracts are being used in several different types of applications, they still can not be used in many applications or markets that are very sensitive to “taste”.
Idyll Life with Pure Lite™ has overcome this taste problem. Here is how we did it.

Stevia Leaf

In general, each stevia leaf contains 10% of glycosides or sweet components.
Of these 10% sweet components in the leaf, there are many types namely Stevioside, Rebaudioside-A&C, Dulcoside-A&C. Stevioside is the major sweet component representing 60-70% of the total glycosides while Rebaudioside A represents 30-40%.

Stevioside Aftertaste
Typical stevia sweetener available on the market has a bitter aftertaste often described as a menthol-like taste. Why is that? The “aftertaste” comes from one of the sweet components found in the leaf – Stevioside. Stevioside has the property of being sweet but also of having this bitter, menthol-like aftertaste.
On the other hand, Rebaudioside A (RebA) which is the other major sweetening component in the stevia leaf, is the sweetest component and has no aftertaste. Hence, the higher the percentage of RebA in a final product, the higher the quality of the stevia sweetener.
Idyll Life Proprietary Process
There are currently three types of Stevia sweetener available on the market:
Conventional sweeteners containing Stevioside as the main ingredient
Enzyme treated sweetener improved by chemically modifying the glycosides
Sweeteners with high RebA content achieved by increasing RebA content in stevia leaves. RebA content can go up to 80% RebA (Note: even at that high % RebA, products still have the lingering bitter menthol-like aftertaste).
Idyll Life has taken the technology a step further by purifying high content stevia leaves from 80% RebA into Pure Lite™ - a more than 99% RebA sweetener. Our proprietary process uses a non-toxic clean technology to remove the Steviosides and other impurities out of the stevia leaf yielding Pure Lite™ which is all natural has no calories and has absolutely no aftertaste.
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Artificial Sweeteners

Natural Product


Heat Stable


Suitable for Diabetics


No Health Concerns


No Aftertaste


Does Not
Promote Tooth Decay


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